Thursday, February 3, 2011

Big "little surprise" In the Barn

Len came home  this Thursday evening late because he had a meeting at work.  It was about 10 p.m. and he went down to set up more heat lamps because it is supposed to go down to -5 tonight.  He got to the barn and could not believe his eyes - there was a newborn cria walking around! He ran back to the house to tell me and we went down together.  We finished drying off the baby with a hair dryer and set up an nice area for mom (Lee-Lee) and new cria to bond in.  It is a girl with the exact coloring of Lee-Lee. It is a strong, feisty baby and was walking beautifully when we found her.  She started nursing well with no help.  We put 3 cria coats on her and put her under two heat lamps.  Also, we cut the toes out of some old socks and covered her legs...this worked well. We are both in a state of shock because we are not sure how this happened.  Lee-Lee is a very very shy animal that we now co-own with Serena Granbery. We had held off mating her until we knew if someone was going to buy her who wanted to do their own mating. That did not materialize and Lee-Lee was very obviously miserable not having a new cria by her side like all the rest of the girls.  Well, I guess, somehow, she solved that problem.  What a surprise! We still cannot believe it.  We will be checking on them through the night to be sure that the cria is warm enough and nursing regularly. Wow, Lee-Lee...what a time to decide to have a cria, in the middle of the worst winter we have had in years!

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