Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ella, Our Winter Surprise

It is a beautiful sunny day and Ella, our 2 day old curly fawn cria, went out side with her mom and other alpacas.  Chrissy, Honey's 6 month old cria, followed Ella wherever she went and tried to keep her to herself - even to the point of trying to separate Ella from her mom.  Ella was a little overwhelmed by the attention, but took it in good stride.
Ella is beside her mother here, and Chrissy who is all white is right behind Ella.
From front to back, you can see Midnight (5 mo old black cria), Lee-Lee (left), Ella (right), Chrissy (behind Ella), Arabella, and Chocolat (use the french pronounciation) (6 mo old cria of Arabella). The snow is so heavy and hard from 2 ice storms that we have only been able to shovel narrow lanes.

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