Monday, May 23, 2011

Our Westie to the Rescue - Again

In October, 2010, I wrote about how our West Highland terrier, Jack saved the day by herding alpacas who had gotten loose back into the barn.  Well, this past Saturday, our largest llama, Gumby, opened a gate and let himself and several male alpacas out.  It was a real circus trying to round up the animals because they all decided to go in different directions.  Little by little we were able to get the alpacas back inside the fenced field, but Gumby was a real challenge.  He chased here, there, and everywhere, visiting neighbors' yards twice.  We were ready to give up when Len shouted, "let out Jack!" What a great idea.  I let Jack out immediately and he seemed to know just what to do.  He ran around to the back of the house directly to Gumby.  Try to picture in your mind a 20 pound small dog going up against a 275 pound, six foot llama.  Gumby scared me when he first stomped with his big front foot directly towards Jack.  Jack backed up and then Gumby bent down and nosed Jack.  Jack licked Gumby's nose. From then on, Gumby followed Jack - right down the lane to the barn! Phew. Jack came to the rescue again.

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