Sunday, January 8, 2012

Love's Horizon

Len and I own the small farm, Summer Brook Valley Farm Alpacas. An adventure and challenge we started together about 6 years ago.  We have done many exciting things together (like starting the farm) during our marriage, have had many challenges and have had many tragedies, much like everyone else.  September 2, 2012 will be our 40th anniversary.  I share the following poem for its beauty and for the analogies that rang true for me.  It was written by Maurice Thompson and published in the 1892 Century Magazine. I hope you enjoy it.

Love's Horizon

The sky is like a woman's love
The ocean like a man's;
Oh, neither knows, below, above
The measure that it spans!

The ocean tumbles wild and free,
And rages round the world;
On reef and wreck eternally
Its ruthless waves are hurled.

The sky has many a gloomy cloud
And many a rainy dash;
Sometimes the storms are long and loud,
With wind and lightning-flash.

But ever somewhere, fair and sweet,
Low stoops the adoring blue, 
Where ocean heavenward leaps to greet
The sky so soft and true.

They meet and blend all round the rim;
Oh, who can half divine
What cups of fervid rapture brim
On the horizon line?

The sky is like a woman's love,
The ocean like a man's;
And neither dreams, below, above,
The measure that it spans.

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