Sunday, February 19, 2012

Old Customs - I Want Them Back.

This beautiful picture that I found on Pinterest (love Pinterest) reminded me of when I was a child. On May Day, in my small home town, my mother and I would make up little bouquets of flowers and hang them on all the neighbors doorknobs. I would squeal with delight as I ran up to the door, hung up the flowers and ran away as fast as I could so that no one knew who did it. This is an old custom that should come back. It is such a friendly custom and one in which children learned to give to others but to not expect recognition. Being the secret giver was the fun part, as well as imagining your neighbor's face when they opened the door and saw the surprise.  I want to do this again and relive a childhood memory just for fun.  Maybe I will make these. They are so cute.

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