Saturday, September 28, 2013

Oh, my,my,my

Have you ever gone through a time when everything that you needed to get done was unusually hard to do? That is the way it has been for the farm.

September is the time to get as much Second-Cut hay as possible, hopefully for the whole year. The first stage of this process for us always is renting a 24 foot truck and bringing 2 truckloads from Vermont to our CT farm. That went fairly smoothly, except that it rained, making loading and unloading a little tricky because you have to back up to barns as close as possible.

After explaining to the VT farmer that we were short of what we needed last year, he offered to drop 75 more bales for us at an alpaca farm in MA. Great! My husband took off in our recently purchased used truck and our alpaca trailer to pick up the hay in MA. I had to stay home because of visitors to the farm. Welllll, the visitors didn't show up and Len broke down in Northampton. It took 2 weeks to get the truck fixed. We finally got the 75 bales but no help to load it. Ugh. Whatever else is coming this month, I am holding my breath!

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