Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Babies Stealing Milk

We had four crias this summer - two whites, one brown, and one black. The mothers of the two white crias are also white, named Honey Crystal and Aurora.  Honey Crystal's baby is named after my sister - Christina, and Aurora's baby is named Luna. One day Honey and Aurora were standing side by side eating grain when I looked down and noticed that Christina (I call her Chrissy) was nursing from the wrong mom! At about the same time, Luna noticed that something was wrong too.  She walked over to Honey and sniffed her to verify that Honey was not her mother.  She then walked back over to Aurora, her mother, with Chrissy nursing below.  Suddenly, Luna jumped up on top of Chrissy's back to make her stop nursing from her mom.  All this time, Aurora is unaware of what is going on. Chrissy backed off from nursing from Luna's mom and went back to her own mom, Honey.  As soon as Luna walked away, Chrissy went right back to Aurora to steal a few more sips.  Chrissy went back and forth a few times between nursing from her own mom and nursing Aurora before Aurora realized what was happening. Aurora snorted loudly at Chrissy, and I supposed she was giving Chrissy a good talking to about stealing milk!

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